Even the most minor difficulties in bed during sex cause men a lot of problems and make them worry about original products. And if it comes to the disappearance of an erection, it can be proved that a person has serious problems with the genitourinary system. So why does an erection disappear during intercourse?

The leading causes of erection problems

Erection disorders have the most serious effect on the development of relationships between partners, and a man may experience on a subconscious level of fear of the next sexual contact. As a result, erection problems without viagra can lead to a weakening of sex drive in general. There is a surge in e-commerce these days. The popularity of online drug shopping on EDMeans has also affected the pharmaceutical industry. The concept of online pharmacies and online Cialis sales has been around the world for more than two decades.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to online buying of drugs at pharmacy website for even isolated cases of problems with erection in bed. The reasons for missing an erection in men during sexual intercourse are two types:

In most cases, the erection weakens or disappears without products for men health from reputable shops under the influence of psychological factors, also called psychological impotence:

  • for example, the man’s first sex was unsuccessful. Subsequently, he forms a stable reaction to such an unpleasant event, and the brain subconsciously deprives a person of an erection at the right moment;
  • even if a man is simply not sure of his abilities, he may feel that he is not able to give a woman pleasure. Too strong feelings and constant thoughts about their insecurities and become one of the causes of psychological type, negatively affecting the erection;
  • excessive excitement before sex, stress, depression;
  • woman’s dissatisfaction with a man’s sexual abilities. Men are very sensitive to the reaction of their partner, and if the latter negatively responds about the size of the penis or opportunities in the bed of his beloved – a man will have certain intimate problems.

Physiological causes of loss of erection during sexual intercourse are mainly typical for middle- and older men. They include all sorts of diseases of the human genitourinary system. The least erection weakens or disappears due to domestic factors: fatigue, indifference to the partner.

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