Lyric Wild Bird Food mixes have been hand-crafted to attract the widest variety of birds. They contain only the finest and freshest ingredients and are specially formulated to provide all-natural nutrition, free of filler and waste. Better seeds and better quality mean more birds at your feeder – again and again!

Product Descriptions:

Supreme Mix

Lyric Supreme Mix, premium wild bird food helps you attract many birds!

The excitement begins with a colorful variety of many birds dashing about as they savor the bird food you’ve provided. Success in attracting many birds depends greatly upon the bird feed mixture. Premium quality ingredients tend to attract an assortment of birds – worthy of any photographer’s lens. Lyric Supreme offers the very best gourmet ingredients plus an assortment of preferred bird seeds and tree nut pieces. It is our strongest recommendation to attract the most species of birds possible.

Supreme Mix Ingredients:

Black Oil Sunflower Seed, White Proso Millet, Cracked Corn, Shelled Peanuts, Striped Sunflower Seed, Safflower Seed, Sunflower Kernels, Pecan, Pistachios, Small Golden Millet, Nyjer Seed, and Canary Seed

Feeding Tips

Feeders should accommodate a smooth flow of bird feed. Look for this feature when purchasing a new bird feeder. Some products have small spaces making it difficult for larger chunks to move freely.

Black Oil Sunflower

Lyric Black Oil Sunflower seed is the perfect bird food to attract your favorite wild birds. A favorite food among all seed-eating wild birds. Use alone or add to your favorite mix. Attracts cardinals, grosbeaks, woodpeckers and jays.

Black Oil Sunflower Ingredients:
Black Oil Sunflower Seed

Feeding Tips

Cardinals and grosbeaks prefer feeding on platforms. Select a feeder with a roof to provide protection to the bird food and refuge to the birds. Ground feeding can be risky for wild birds, so place the feeder in an open area where he can easily detect danger. Provide cover with shrubs and trees for the birds to fly to safely.

Cracked Corn

Lyric Cracked Corn is a favorite of mourning doves, woodpeckers and cardinals. Cracked Corn is great for ground feeding and aids in digestion. Attracts Blue Jays, Cardinals, Mourning Doves and Woodpeckers, deer, squirrels and chipmunks.

Cracked Corn Ingredients:
Cracked Corn

Feeding Tips

Cardinals and grosbeaks prefer feeding on platforms. We recommend choosing a covered feeder to provide protection to the food and refuge to wild birds. Ground feeding can be risky for the bird, so place the feeder in an open area where he can easily detect danger. Provide cover with shrubs and trees for the birds to fly to safely.


Nyjer Seed

Pure Nyjer Seed from Lyric is the premium bird food to attract finches to your backyard bird feeder. A premium high-energy wild bird food that is perfect for finches and other small-beaked birds. Attracts all types of finches including American Goldfinches, Purple Finches, House Finches and Pine Siskins.

Nyger Seed Ingredients:
Nyjer Seed

Feeding Tips

Dispense Lyric Nyjer Seed through a nyjer tube feeder. The seed openings are small and prevent seed from spilling. The tiny holes and short perches make these tubes exclusive to finches.
Hang a Lyric Finch Feeder from a tree branch. Even on windy days, finches will delightfully feed on a swaying feeder. Pole mounted tubes, window tubes and selective tubes are all available and will work in many settings.


Peanut Pieces

Lyric Peanut Pieces are a perfect treat for your bird feeder. Arboreal wild birds such as titmice, nuthatches, jays, woodpeckers and chickadees love Lyric Peanut Pieces. Keep this food dry for best results.

Peanut Pieces Ingredients:
Shelled peanuts

Feeding Tips

Attract the wild birds you want by offering Lyric Peanut Pieces in a woodpecker feeder that is designed so that only the woodpeckers’ and nuthatches’ long bills and tongues can get the bits of food. You can also attract more birds by smearing some suet or peanut butter on the cedar and in the holes to attract the bird and help it identify the food source. Hanging the feeder from a tree branch or close to a tree trunk is optimal. Conversely, if you’d like to offer the mix to all birds, a hopper feeder works nicely. We also recommend wire mesh tubes, but because most of the ingredients are shelled, protect them from direct exposure to the elements. Squirrel baffles are always recommended.


Fine Tunes Wild Bird Mix

100% Edible Nutrition – No Waste, No Fillers, No Weeds. Lyric Fine Tunes is a 100% edible, no-waste bird feeding mix. It is a nutritious blend of nuts and kernels, finely-cut for easier feeding and smoother flowing in bird feeders. Our fine-cut mix is easier to use and easier to eat. All shells and hulls are removed from Lyric Fine Tunes nuts and seeds and the mix contains no fillers. Fine Tunes is a food all songbirds, especially smaller beaked birds, will truly enjoy!

Fine Tunes Wild Bird Mix Ingredients:
Sunflower kernels, Almonds, Roasted Peanuts, Pistachios, Hulled White Proso Millet, and Pumpkin Kernels.

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