50 lb. Poultry Grower Crumblet



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A crumblet to be fed after birds are six weeks old until they start to lay. Can be used as a finisher feed for increased fat in the diet.


Fully fortified with vitamins and minerals

Calcium, phosphorus and other key nutrients support a healthy, strong shell

High quality amino acid and protein sources

Boost overall health and egg production

Pre-biotics and enzymes

Maintain a healthy digestive tract and improve absorption of nutrients

Essential oils

From cinnamon, oregano and chili peppers to stimulate digestive activity and protect the intestinal wall

Now with Yucca extract

  • Improves nutrient absorption and weight gain
  • Inhibits development of coccidia, improving bird health
  • Reduces ammonia that causes respiratory issues and also blindness in birds housed with inadequate ventilation
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