Dense Shade Mixture – 7 lb.


Dense Shade Mixture grows in shady areas and dry soils where other seed mixtures have failed. Contains naturally insect resistant endophytic turfgrass varieties, which helps to deter insect pests.  Contains several grass types for species diversity including Black Beauty Tall Fescues. Visit our Seeding Guide for complete directions.



Key product features:

– Grows well in medium to densely shaded areas
– Establishes in both dry sandy soils and damp heavy clay soils
– Improves any shady lawn that it is seeded into
– Invisible, waxy coating on leaves preserves moisture when hot
– Roots grow up to 4 feet deep
– Compete with tree roots for moisture
– Uniform, vertical growth habit

When to apply:

When the soil temperature reaches 55° (March-mid June or August-October)

How to apply:

Visit our Seeding Guide for complete directions.

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