Fine Tunes Wild Bird Mix – 15 lb.


100% Edible Nutrition – No Waste, No Fillers, No Weeds. Lyric Fine Tunes is a 100% edible, no-waste bird feeding mix. It is a nutritious blend of nuts and kernels, finely-cut for easier feeding and smoother flowing in bird feeders. Our fine-cut mix is easier to use and easier to eat. All shells and hulls are removed from Lyric Fine Tunes nuts and seeds and the mix contains no fillers. Fine Tunes is a food all songbirds, especially smaller beaked birds, will truly enjoy!

Fine Tunes Wild Bird Mix Ingredients:
Sunflower kernels, Almonds, Roasted Peanuts, Pistachios, Hulled White Proso Millet, and Pumpkin Kernels.



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15# Bag