Nyjer Seed – 10 lb.


Pure Nyjer Seed from Lyric is the premium bird food to attract finches to your backyard bird feeder. A premium high-energy wild bird food that is perfect for finches and other small-beaked birds. Attracts all types of finches including American Goldfinches, Purple Finches, House Finches and Pine Siskins.

Ingredients: Nyger Seed 




Feeding Tips

Dispense Lyric Nyjer Seed through a nyjer tube feeder. The seed openings are small and prevent seed from spilling. The tiny holes and short perches make these tubes exclusive to finches.
Hang a Lyric Finch Feeder from a tree branch. Even on windy days, finches will delightfully feed on a swaying feeder. Pole mounted tubes, window tubes and selective tubes are all available and will work in many settings.

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