Partridge Rock


The Partridge Plymouth Rock is an American creation developed by mixing Partridge Cochin, Dark Cornish, and Golden Wyandotte. Other reports suggest that Brown Leghorns and Golden Penciled Hamburgs were also used to create this beautiful variety of Plymouth Rock. The Partridge Plymouth Rock combines all of the excellent utility traits and hardiness of other Plymouth Rocks with the intricate pattern known as Partridge. The males feature dark red hackle and saddle feathers with a black tail and breast. While the female’s feathers are a rich mahogany brown delicately marked with two to three concentric black bands known as penciling. The feather pattern is even more stunning upon close examination. Like other Plymouth Rocks, they have a gentle temperament and are not only good egg layers, but also grow to a large size, making them excellent dual-purpose chickens. APPROX. 250 LARGE EGGS/YEAR EGG COLOR: BROWN MATURE WT: MALE 9.5 LBS. FEMALE 7.5 LBS.

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