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Fresh from the Garden: Herbal Holiday Delights from Copia Home and Garden

This holiday season, embrace the delightful flavors of herbs from your garden or indoor kitchen garden to add a special touch to your festive meals. At Copia Home and Garden, we’re excited about the wonderful ways in which home-grown herbs can enhance traditional holiday recipes, making them truly stand out. Enjoy these four fabulous recipes […]

Beyond Poinsettias: Great Houseplants for the Holidays (and Beyond)

Greetings, plant lovers! The holiday season is a perfect time to expand your indoor garden, and while poinsettias are a beloved staple, there’s a world of other wonderful houseplants that can add vibrancy to your festive decorations. Copia Home and Garden is excited to showcase a handpicked selection that’s sure to brighten your holidays and […]

Reviving Your Houseplants: Ensuring Vibrant Growth in Low Light

Expert Advice from Copia Home and Garden Greetings, green thumbs! Copia Home and Garden recognizes that ample sunlight is a luxury not every plant lover has. But don’t let that dim your indoor gardening aspirations! With the right plants and care, you can foster a thriving garden inside your home, regardless of light conditions. We’ve […]

Fall Garden Cleanup Checklist

Leaf Removal: Given the array of deciduous trees in the vicinity, expect a significant leaf fall. Collect and compost these leaves, ensuring that any from diseased plants are properly discarded. Perennials: Post the initial frost, trim down dead foliage to minimize pest invasions. Segment and relocate perennials that seem too expansive or lacking in vigor. […]

Harvesting and Preserving Herbs: Tips from Copia Home and Garden

The burnished tapestry of October graces our gardens, nudging us to harvest and treasure the herbal delicacies that have seasoned our feasts and enriched our senses throughout the sunlit months. To keep these herbal mementos vibrant during the winter’s grip, mastering the nuances of timely harvesting and meticulous preservation is essential. Copia Home and Garden […]

Plant Combinations for a Fall Garden: Perennials and Grasses That Harmonize

By Copia Home and Garden Fall—a season characterized by rich hues, cooler temperatures, and an undeniable sense of transformation. For garden enthusiasts, it’s the perfect time to reimagine the garden landscape. Introducing a medley of perennials and grasses can bring warmth, texture, and a new dimension to your garden during this spectacular season. Below, we […]

September Gardening Tips

As the curtain falls on summer and the embrace of autumn begins, September stands as a month of garden transformation. To help enthusiasts navigate this shift, Copia Home and Garden offers a series of tips, emphasizing the wonders of mums, celosia, and the ornamental trifecta of peppers, cabbage, and kale. 1. Anticipate the First Frost: […]

Fall Decorating Headquarters: A Celebration of Autumn’s Delights at Copia Home & Garden

As the summer heat gives way to the brisk embrace of autumn, the world around us undergoes a remarkable transformation. Trees adorned in hues of gold and crimson, the earth carpeted with fallen leaves – it’s a time of change and beauty. Capturing this essence and bringing it into our living spaces is a cherished […]