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Earthy Endeavors: Cultivating Young Gardeners this August

In a world awash with technology and screens, rekindling children’s connection to the earth is both a rejuvenating break and a foundational lesson. Gardening stands tall as a hands-on, immersive experience, intertwining education, creativity, and an appreciation of the marvels of nature. As August casts its warm, golden glow, here are a collection of gardening […]

From Garden to Living Room: Bringing Your Plants Indoors with Copia Home & Garden

Hello to our vibrant Copia Home & Garden community! As the sunny spells of summer gradually recede, welcoming the cooler whispers of fall, it’s time we think of gently moving our outdoor houseplants to the familiar warmth of our interiors. If you’re feeling a touch unsure about the transition, let’s ease those worries. With expertise […]

Preparing Your NY Garden for Fall: Expert Tips from Copia Home & Garden

As the warmth of summer gracefully transitions to the vibrant hues of fall, gardeners across New York eagerly embark on the journey of preparing their outdoor sanctuaries for the changing season. To ensure a smooth transition, a comprehensive plan that includes garden cleanup, planting, soil enrichment, and frost protection is crucial. At Copia Home & […]

Are You Out of Your Gourd?

If you love to grow vegetables, but find you can never eat all your garden yields, here’s an alternative to researching new recipes in anticipation of your millionth tomato. Grow some decorative gourds in place of a portion of your usual edible veggies. Decorative gourds have potential as centerpieces, serving bowls, storage containers, birdhouses, and […]