From Garden to Living Room: Bringing Your Plants Indoors with Copia Home & Garden

Hello to our vibrant Copia Home & Garden community!

As the sunny spells of summer gradually recede, welcoming the cooler whispers of fall, it’s time we think of gently moving our outdoor houseplants to the familiar warmth of our interiors. If you’re feeling a touch unsure about the transition, let’s ease those worries. With expertise and tips from your friends at Copia Home & Garden, we promise your plants will feel right at home indoors.

Kick things off with a comprehensive check-up of your plant friends. While the outdoors offer ample freedom and nourishment, they can occasionally introduce our green buddies to pesky pests or unwanted diseases. Addressing these issues head-on is vital before they make their way indoors, ensuring a harmonious environment for all your indoor flora.

Following this, pamper your plants with a soft cleaning, ridding them of any dust or stubborn bugs. If some of these critters prove hard to shake off, a mild insecticidal soap should do the trick.

Considering a repot? Now might be the opportune moment. Determine if your plants are feeling a tad tight in their current homes or if their soil appears a bit drained.

Now, a look at some tropical wonders and their prime spots inside:

  1. Crotons: Add a splash of color indoors with these radiant plants. An east or west-facing window offering bright, indirect light is their favorite spot.
  2. Palms: Species like Areca, Parlor, and Kentia Palms have a love for bright, filtered light. A cozy corner by a north or west-facing window should keep them content.
  3. Boston Ferns: Dreaming of a mini rainforest indoors? Boston Ferns can help. These lush plants prefer cool, humid areas with indirect lighting, making bathrooms a great choice.
  4. Bougainvillea: This sun-chaser needs about 5 hours of direct sunlight each day. Position them close to a south-facing window for best results.
  5. Hibiscus: Ensure these tropical beauties are near a south-facing window where they can relish in bright, indirect light. And remember, their soil prefers to be moist but not overwatered.
  6. Mandevilla: With their captivating trumpet-like blooms, Mandevillas are sunlight aficionados. A spot close to a south or west-facing window, along with some sturdy support or a trellis, will be perfect.

Transitioning environments can be a tad jarring for plants. To help them acclimatize, consider bringing them inside during the cooler nights initially, extending their indoor stay progressively.

A final note on care: As indoor growth is typically slower, adjust your watering routine accordingly, ensuring not to overwater.

With these insights and a touch of plant-loving care, you can transform your space into a year-round green haven. And should you ever need guidance or have queries, we at Copia Home & Garden are always eager to assist!

Until our paths cross in another leafy adventure,

The Copia Home & Garden Team.

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